Where are the Forum Rules?

What Forum rules? (We're working on them :).)

The basic rules are to treat people with respect, don't get personal and if you feel like you want to reach into the computer and pull someone's head off - it's probably time to take a break and reflect on the fact that everyone's opinion is valid (even if its wrong, wrong wrong! They think you're wrong, wrong, wrong! as well :)). What's not valid is expressing an opinion in a demeaning or overly aggressive way.

Your opinion (probably) won't get you into trouble but the way you deliver it may.

All opinions are valid but if a person is continuously stirring things up and causing a lot grief on the Forums we'll take a look at that.

One ID per person please. Don't slam ME/CFS organizations in your signature. Representatives of companies are welcome if you identify yourself as such. Spammers will be eradicated upon contact.

Only caregivers are allowed in the Caregiver Forum. This is so they have the freedom to express themselve fully with other caregivers. Please respect this.

Once you put your content on Health Rising it's basically ours. You're free to modify it if you wish, but we will not eliminate whole threads and we won't eliminate all your posts. If you made a mistake in your post you can click on the edit button and fix it. We're very conscious of the need to maintain privacy; if something comes up that you feel transgresses the level of privacy you wish to maintain, let us know.
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Jun 22, 2014
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