"The Dysfunction Junction: The ANS auto'ner'sys'ME/CFS by Dr. Alan Pocinki

Startling view of the exent of autonomic nervous system dysfunction in chronic fatigue syndrome

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    In "Dysfunction Junction" Dr. Pocinki demonstrates how fragile the autonomic nervous system is in chronic fatigue syndrome (ME/CFS). During his testing the ANS jumps around like a chicken with its head cut off - not knowing where to go or how to settle down.

    Pockinki shows how even mild stresses can overburden this fundamentally important system responsible for maintaining our bodies homeostasis (functioning). When ME/CFS gets bad enough ordinarily innocuous stimuli such as light or sound can provoke an exaggerated ANS response. Even during rest the ANS has trouble settling down.

    Deep breathing exercises designed to stimulate the perennially under-active "rest and digest" or parasympathetic nervous system can rebound triggering a "fear or flight" or sympathetic nervous system surge. (This could explain why lying down can provoke such negative symptoms at first).

    (Thanks to Corey for finding a copy of the original article)

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  1. FindHappiness
    I'd appreciate a link to the original article or, alternatively, the test results cited in article. The Solve CFS website link leads to a "page not Found". Thank you!
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    A timely reminder, thanks ;-)
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      Thanks! I love this article :)