Data from 6 studies show that COVID vaccines cause more harm than good in chronic illness patients


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Just Know the shots are NOT vaccines, they are experimental drugs.... it's all been an experiment
to reduce world population.....and look where we are today, the U.S. for sure a recession and growing deeper.


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Just Know..
Everyone already knew, that these shots haven't been tested for long-term harm. Therefore experimental in all respects. This technology has never been approved by the untll now very precautionary approval process. That has changed. Nobody needs to be convinced about that.

And the world population has increased.

'everyone is the architect of his own fortune'

I asked a co-worker why he got it after already having been through Covid, and therefore already much comprehensive immunity. The answer was 'I wanted my freedom back only'.

'everyone is the architect of his own fortune'
I believe it is possible for some people to be damaged by vaccines, but it is rare.

I have CFS, fibromyalgia, IBS, asthma, allergies and constant cold intolerance. After my dad and sister died of Covid in 2020, I was eager to get the vaccine but wary because of my health. However, I felt with my recent family history, my chances of surviving Covid were low without a vaccine. I didn’t want my family to have to bury anyone else so soon.

Having had three doses now - of different vaccines - the worst side effect was an anching arm (barely anything) and a mild fever for a few hours. The jab itself was barely perceptible (and I’m a needle phobic!). Would I have felt worse after the jab if I had been a Covid sceptic or anti-vaxxer? I don’t know. I just know I am relieved to have had the chance to protect myself and my family. We have two massive holes in our lives now, with the losses we suffered before the vaccine became available. My best friend, cheerleader, and inspiration, is gone, leaving behind a husband and a niece and nephew who will never have her support again. This is the hard reality of Covid.

There is a lot of misinformation out there - all this stuff about controlling people with chips and altering people’s DNA. It is worth bearing in mind that most of us had many vaccines as a child, to protect us from smallpox, typhoid, diphtheria, whooping cough, tetanus and TB. Did they alter our DNA or allow ‘world elites’ to control us? Well if they did, I haven’t noticed it in all my 65 years. I am aware that I haven’t caught any of those diseases though!


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It is worth bearing in mind that most of us had many vaccines as a child, to protect us from smallpox, typhoid, diphtheria, whooping cough, tetanus and TB.
It is also worth bearing in mind that when I was born with a pneumonia, I did get some rudimentary vaccines, but not some others considered too dangerous by MDs to my compromized immunity at that time. I didn't get for example against measels or mumps, but experienced both as mild childhood illness at age 7, and thereafter lifelong immunity from.

TB vaccine I got as a child, and already with 18 years got tuberculosis.
Did they alter our DNA
They were no experimental mRNA vaccines, so any of the previous vaccines in no way could alter our DNA, as mRNA through reverse-transcriptase possibly are able to.

Yes - there is a lot of misinformation out there. Even my co-worker with accademic training insulting me as an idiot, because I alledgedly did have yellow fever and malaria vaccines for my Africa travels before. In fact, not even the slightest aware there isn't any vaccine against malaria yet, and the low side-effect ratio of yellow fewer vaccines, very well established since many decades.

Which is still not for the case for the mRNA, and wont be for long time side-effects for an other decade. Some are just too risk aware for such gambling.
I appreciate what you are saying and it has to be your choice. Having seen my dad and sister die of Covid in short succession, I know the dangers of Covid. My sister worked in healthcare and was almost certainly exposed at work. Others in my family have caught Covid some time after being vaccinated and all have been ok, with some sicker than others. If you are young, with no long-term conditions, your chances of mild disease are better than those over 50. Although a teacher at a local school in his 40s died last year from Covid. With my health problems, I doubt I’d have survived without the vaccines. They have saved many lives and, prior to Covid, the Ebola vaccine did too and that is a similar type


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They have saved many lives and, prior to Covid, the Ebola vaccine did too and that is a similar type

Approved Ebola isn't similiar, in that it isn't an experimental mRNA vaccine at all. But since you already don't see a difference of mRNA to all other traditional vaccines having undergone regorous security testing for up to ten years, you simply wont agree..

How many lifes are saved or harmed by covid mRNA-therapy isn't really known, since the original trials were unblinded. And severe adverse events already then simply excluded from the data. Every safety signal from the beginning of the roll-out ignored or talked away. However, many countries experienced their biggest waves after the mRNA injections, like Israel. The latest official summary from GB I saw published by the government, ICU patients were about ninty-five percent from injected patients. After which they quit to publish official data.

Not really the plandemic of the unvaccinated. And how they manipulated everyone without scientific data to line-up for the potential gene therapy.


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If you are young, with no long-term conditions, your chances of mild disease are better than those over 50.
I had all three co-morbitities, like all ninty-something percent who died from or with covid. I'm well over fifty, had diabetes, COPD, a walking-disability from PAD..

All in remission, including the ME/CFS symptoms of constant PEMs. Simply because I started to learn to verify original pharmaceutical study-data, and thereby realizing those wouldn't improve any of my chronic conditions, and despite still had to be taken till the death-bed. What a ruthless business-model.

I went the natural route instead, and what was considered irreversible chronic-conditions by standard of care, turned out very easy possible to effect multiple remission with natural means only. And as more and more natural means against covid infections have been studied, it turned out I already took all of them plenty for fourteen years of my health-odysee.

So no surprise to me, despite all my co-morbitites, I suffered covidnot even once. Of course, throughout exposed to all vaccinated co-workers in an essiental social services job, who all got it anyway.
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Hi Jamin,

As you might guess given what's happened the effectiveness of masks against long COVID have been assessed in scientific studies many times.

As a conclusion, the recent evidence in COVID-19 pandemic is consistent with the previous studies which have shown association between face mask use and decreased risk of viral infections, and medical face mask use should be encouraged both for the community and healthcare facilities along with other infection control measures such as hand hygiene, during outbreaks when there is widespread community transmission.

For the healthcare workers group, masks were shown to have a reduced risk of infection by nearly 70%.

The preponderance of evidence indicates that mask wearing reduces transmissibility per contact by reducing transmission of infected respiratory particles in both laboratory and clinical contexts.
Do whatever feels right for you but take some time and read the FrontLine Doctors on all this covid PROPAGANDA... Yep, that is what it is.
Frontline doctors? Most were not really qualified in the field. One was an optometrist! I lost more than 10 people I personally knew to covid all unvaccinated. I got covid and was vaccinated and it barely moved the needle for me. All my problems were before COVID from lyme and other tickborn infections. Does masking work? Studies that are naysayers of masking just include people who were hostile about mask use or wearing lame masks such as a bandana or flimsy material that was touched cavalierly or not arises properly. That will make them look like they don’t work. You know the type of people who wore something on their faces because it was required but they really didn’t want to???
YES! Masks work if worn properly and of the correct type eg N95. I worked in environment where everybody was anti-mask pro Trump anti-VAXor‘s. Most of entire work group got Covid multiple times some hospitalized and other coworkers died from Covid. I worked for a year and a half wearing N95 every day properly and did not expose myself in anyway, I used other prophylactic measures such as essential oils inside the mask and fans around my desk cubicle and I never contracted Covid. I later got it because my children brought it home from school.

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