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Cort, Mar 13, 2015
    • Diana Maus
      How do I add art to this album? In the comments?
    • Lissa
      It's been a while since I originally posted so I can't remember for sure how I did it! Ha! I think though.... that maybe it was the small blue button "Add Media" towards the top right of the page. (Just to the left of the search box.) Try that and see if it works.

      I can't wait to see other people's stuff here! Surely we can fill up an album with creativity!!!
      Looking forward to your additions!
    • Cort
      Yes - it's the Media button and then go to Albums and the Art album will pop up.
    • kevin Feldman
      don't know how to add the video but cort you should get this a new 10 minute video posted on you tupe july 10, 2015 embedded into OMF website here is link to video direct
      here is link to webpage

      video is riveting and highlights personal and professional challanges of Dr Davis of Stanfordi
    • Diana Maus
      All of my work here was created after I had to leave work because of CFS/fibromyalgia. A couple of themes run through my work after becoming ill. I started with love, anger, euphoria, depression as the main theme. I was channeling the extreme emotions that came with losing so much.

      Later, I turned to the heart as my theme. I was (and am) struggling with finding hope, love, and passion even with CFS.

      My latest work is about the life force that is the ocean. I was born near the Pacific and find it a restful retreat from illness. I go there when I need to "go home" and remember earlier happy times. Virginia is my grandmother, who suffered greatly from Fibromyalgia, called rheumatism at the time. Heart's Escape is about how CFS makes me feel. It says, "I have no wings to fly. I am bound in this spot evermore". Inside the cage is a floor made of ocean, a place to escape to internally when I can't go physically.
    • Cort
      Thanks Kevin - I got it :)
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