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If taking a tax write-off is important I’m afraid we’re not for you; Health Rising is not a non-profit.

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  • One-time Donation – To make a one-time donation click on the Donate button and then enter your donation on the page provided.
  • Recurring Donation – To do a recurring monthly donation pick an option under “Do it Monthly” and then click on the Subscribe button.  (Please note if you click on the Donate button you will be sent to the One-time Donation page. I know it’s confusing and poorly formatted)
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Other Than Paypal

  • Checks – We love checks! Please make checks out to Health Rising. They are gratefully received at Cort Johnson, 404 S. Boulder Hwy, PO Box 91245, Henderson, NV 89015. Please note because I am often not in Henderson during the summer it may take some time for your check to be deposited.
  • (6) Amazon gift cards! – Amazon is Health Rising’s go-to place to get electronic accessories, books, stuff for the vehicle, etc.  Simply go here, find your gift card, and put my email address ( in the “To:” box, and voila – instant Amazon gift card!
  • Become a Recurring Donor with Online Banking – Not happy with PayPal? Use Bill Pay, Zelle, or similar programs at your bank to send checks or electronic transfers straight to us. If you’re with Wells Fargo, we can set up automatic monthly donations. Please contact me via the contact form (upper right-hand of the page).
  • Outside the U.S.? – Use Paypal or Western Union to quickly and easily send money from another country into the U.S. Find out more about these options here
  • Bequests – We gratefully accept and are honored by bequests. Our address is Cort Johnson, 404 S. Boulder Hwy, PO Box 91245, Henderson, NV 89015.

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