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Health Rising’s goal is the eradication of ME/CFS and FM by sharing the latest research, treatment and advocacy news.

Health Rising was formed in Dec. 2012 by Cort Johnson. Cort and guest bloggers provide the written content and Stavya Grover provides his web expertise.

Health Rising’s goal is the eradication of chronic fatigue syndrome (ME/CFS) and fibromyalgia (FM).

To that end Health Rising is committed to:

  • Sharing about ME/CFS and FM as widely as possible with the idea that the more people – from patients and their supporters to philanthropists to doctors, etc. – that understand and get what these diseases are, the more support these diseases will receive, the better off patients will be, and the quicker the road to eradication.
  • Providing an environment that fosters hope, creativity and success.
  • Empowering patients and their supporters by providing clear and understandable reviews of the latest research and treatment possibilities.
  • Supporting patients in their health and well-being with clear and comprehensive guides to treatment and management options and by providing access to recovery stories.
  • Providing a safe space for patients to discuss their treatment successes/failures.
  • Supporting ME/CFS advocacy efforts.

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