Beck Anxiety Inventory 2016-12-10

Standard Self Report Inventory

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    Scoring the Inventory (from Wikipedia)

    Each question inquires about how bothersome a symptom of anxiety has been for the subject over the past week. Scoring the BAI is based on a 0-3 point scale, with each question being scored as follows based on participant response:
    • 0 points: NOT AT ALL
    • 1 point: MILDLY: It did not bother me much.
    • 2 points: MODERATELY: It wasn't pleasant at times.
    • 3 points: SEVERELY: It bothered me a lot.
    The point values of the chosen answer choices are then summed to produce a total measure score. The BAI has a maximum score of 63.
    Interpretation of scores[edit]

    The following guidelines are the currently used in interpreting the total score:
    • 0-7: minimal anxiety
    • 8-15: mild anxiety
    • 16-25: moderate anxiety
    • 26-63: severe anxiety
    In 1993, the interpretation guidelines were updated (see above). Prior to 1993, the 1988 interpretation guide was used and is listed below. Please see page 1 of the BAI manual for a full discussion of changes between the 1988 edition and the current 1993 edition of the BAI.
    • 0-9: normal anxiety
    • 10-18: mild-moderate anxiety
    • 19-29: moderate-severe anxiety
    • 30-63: severe anxiety
    Note: women with anxiety disorders tend to score 4 points higher than men with anxiety disorders[3]