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Dr. David Bell's Disability Scale

I find I don't exactly fit into any of the categories, since not everyone's 'package' of symptoms matches any of the the exact 'packages' described here.
Also, intended interpretation of some criteria is unclear; eg would 'desk work' include lying in bed doing research, browsing articles and conversing on forums etc online - which is surely how a lot of bedbound patients spend a lot of their time, albeit with breaks for drinks/food/different sorts of mental activity eg listening to radio, to rest some parts of the brain, or just gazing blankly into space, mentally drifting. I often spend hours online in this way, but couldn't possibly do it sitting at a desk due to OI, or meet any normal employer's demands and deadlines etc., since comprehension of read material and composing written material, like this, is extremely slow and laborious, constantly clearing the muddle in one's brain as one goes.
Furthermore, there would certainly be some days, not necessarily predictable, when no such activity online would be tolerable. One can't just say I can definitely do 'x' number of hours using a laptop per day... I also wonder how many days a week does it assume this 'desk work' takes place - every day, or 5 days per week with 2 days off for recovery as would probably happen if one was employed?

Having said all this, it's still a really good resource, in the absence of anything better, even if it's just to provide a jumping off point for understanding and further discussion of where someone is currently at with their illness, in terms of functionality.
I've never seen anything like this before. It would be nice if Social Security was using this resource in their disability approval process. (I'm at 30.)

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