Maureen's gradual onset - and her gradual recovery

Dr. Teitelbaum's protocol is key

  1. Cort
    • Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
    Disease Course Over Time:
    One day Maureen woke up ad couldn't get out of bed. She was 35 years old. She had been experiencing periodic exhaustion, rashes, painful joints,constant colds, insomnia and fatigue but this time she couldn't get out of bed - her body was broken. She had profound exhaustion and could barely stand.

    Seven years earlier she had experienced something similar after a bad cold. That went away after she was given steroids about a year into her illness.

    This time she eventually got a bit better, went on a little trip and was in bed for a month.

    She began Dr. Teitelbaum's protocol. It took several months to see progress on it. First she was only able to walk ten feet on the beach but she slowly got better and over time became completely healthy.
    Type of Onset:
    gradual non-flu like
    exhaustion, painful joints, insomnia, brain-fog, sore throat
    Positive Test Results:
    Dr. Teitelbaum's tests showed "many systems" were out of balance including thyroid and adrenal gland.
    Treatments That Made A Big Difference:
    Dr. Teitelbaum protocol outlined in "From Fatigued to Fantastic" of diet, vitamins, herbs and some pharmaceuticals. Acupuncture, meditation and rolfing (connective tissue manipulation) were very important as well.
    Present State of Health:
    • Fully recovered - no restrictions at all
    Practitioner Associated With Recovery:
    Dr. Teitelbaum's book
    Suggested Resources:
    Words of Advice:
    Change your diet, explore alternative options as well traditional ones and keep believing you can get better
    Maureen is now healthier than before ME/CFS. She travels internationally frequently. She recommends that you change your diet - food made an enormous difference for her - explore alternative and traditional treatments, and keep believing you can get better!

    She continues doing acupuncture twice a week, meditates daily and does Rolfing periodically.

    She states ME/CFS is a devastating disease but "don't let anyone tell you there is no hope. Keep your spirit alive and with the right treatment your body will follow"