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Latest Reviews

  1. ScreamingBuddha
    Thanks for sharing your story. I have had good results with homeopathy for emotional and physical issues in the past too.
  2. Lindsey
    Lots amazing info. packing into one post. I knew a lot of this but it took me months and months to know all of this! I sure wish I had read this a year ago!
    1. Ryan
      Author's Response
      Thanks Lindsday!! Glad you liked it. I tried to write it as what I wish I would have known a decade ago. Would have saved a lot of suffering. Best of luck to you!! I just saw another post where you asked questions and I will get to that now.
  3. Not dead yet!
    Not dead yet!
    "Because high amounts of fiber also tend to produce fermentation, high fiber foods are also eliminated. " This is so true. But it's so hard to break through the brainwashing of "high fiber = absolute good." I can dismiss that absolutism by pointing to the diverticulitis diet. Hmm, fiber is looking more suspect every day, no? I've learned that dal (often hulled, usually split pulses and lentils sold in bulk at Indian markets) does not irritate me, but unhulled lentils do. Soaking them does indeed improve digestibility, at least for me. So the "fiber" I have is coming from these small daring amounts of pulses and rice that I like to cook together.

    Did you know that a slice of wheat bread was used at first to try and prove the FODMAP connection? But they realized it was a confounder because so many people have undiagnosed Celiac disease. If I have any amount of wheat, a knife of fire extends through the center of my neck up to my brain, and my bowels shut down, zero peristalsis for days. Yet some FODMAPS are ok in small doses for me. And as I recover, more FODMAPS are tolerable. So I'd cross reference the participants in that study and see if any of them turn up Celiac (they "grew out of" it maybe) or that triggers later.
  4. Cort
    Thanks for telling your story and congratulations. I know of at least two people who were cured using homeopathy. However it works it can be really strong stuff.