1. Cort

    Combining Drugs May Work Better in Fibromyalgia

    So far as pain disorders go, fibromyalgia (FM) ranks right up there in nastiness. Estimates vary, but the highest estimates puts rates of disability in FM at about 25%; far higher than in most other pain disorders (@10%). There are no solutions for fibromyalgia yet. Recommended treatment...
  2. Cort

    Top Fibromyalgia Drug Tanks: One Down - Four Other Drugs On the Way

    Five Drug Possibilities A recent report listed four drugs that are expected to be approved for fibromyalgia in the next five or so years. Adding Dr. Pridgen's antiviral/anti-inflammatory drug combo to that list gives us five new drug possibilities for FM. Now there are four. Promising Drug...
  3. Tina

    Anti-seizure/epilepsy/neurontin drugs and mitochondrial toxicity

    I was struck with ME/CFS in 2008. Pretty much the only drug I have ever taken is Gabapentin. I take 1600mg / day. For some reason I decided to delve into the side effects. I am very aware that one of the side effects is sleepiness. Not helpful for someone with ME/CFS. However, reading that...
  4. Cort

    Consumer Reports Recommends Generics over FDA Approved Drugs for Fibromyalgia 2016-07-07

    The FDA approved drugs for Fibromyalgia underwent extensive testing, and most doctors probably reach for them first, but Consumer Reports does not recommend their use in FM. Instead based on cost and effectiveness criteria Consumer Reports asserted in 2014 that three generic drugs are probably...

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