After I eat I get REALLY tired and have to sleep like 4 hours.

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Folk, Sep 21, 2019.

  1. Folk

    Folk Well-Known Member

    So I had Both FMS and ME diagnosis.
    But was under control, leading close to a normal life with a my own business and working out 3 times per week

    2-3 weeks ago I started having stomach aches afters eating (I was doing keto for a looong time and was cutting out most greens with huge improvement on my digestion, basically almost going carnivore). Now it's been at least a week since after I eat I get stomachaches, very sleepy, tired, and have to lie down. I end up sleeping 4 hours normally.

    Now I'm mostly eating breast chicken and potato to be mild on the stomach but just because I have no clue what to do. With anything I eat I have a similar reaction. Stomach pain and sleepiness. (the stomach pain is easier to control with some meds)
    What the hell is that? any idea?

    with every crisis the question that always scares me the most is "Is this my new normal state?"

    Thanks :(
  2. Nico

    Nico Member

    I would suggest you see your physician. It may or may not be diet related. Hope you are able to find resolution to this soon!
  3. Remy

    Remy Administrator

    When I get that coma sleep after eating, it’s usually due to MCAS. Have you tried taking antihistamines before eating, both H1 and H2?
  4. jaminhealth

    jaminhealth Well-Known Member

    I think that's pretty normal for many, getting tired after eating....but to sleep for 4 hrs!!! That's a little under 1/2 my night's sleep which is about 10 good deep sleep hours and I'm 81.

    How is your night's sleep, are you getting deep restorative sleep?

    I've been posting a lot about HGH homeopathic gel I'm taking now into 8 months and it's doing some reversing of years of age and damage. The major issue reported by those using the "gel", deep restorative sleep.

    Are you taking digestive enzymes and/or probiotics?
  5. Folk

    Folk Well-Known Member

    I take cetotifen, claritin and zyrtec everyday for MCAS.
    I don't know if they're H1 and H2 but I belive they are.
  6. Folk

    Folk Well-Known Member

    Not taking probiotics at the moment. I'm really afraid of taking it. they never helped me and a lot of times made things worse.
    I did take some digestive enzymes but didn't help much. Some meds help me with the stomach pain, like antiacids and similar stuff. But not with the drowzyness and sleep.

    I'm getting a normal sleep at night like I was doing before all that. It's not the best sleep ever (I don't think none of us can get that) but I go for 6-7-8 hours straight or sometimes waking up one or two times in the middle. It depends.
  7. Folk

    Folk Well-Known Member

    REALLY scared though. Brainfog came back for the first time in years. And that's the worst symptom of this disiease in my opinion, and always gut related for me.

    I saw a gastro and I'm taking Nitazoxanide (for parasites, even though I know it's not the problem) and Dexlansoprazole for gut problems.
    That's pretty much what they always do in any case. He didn't even listen to the sleepness after eating and have no Idea what ME means, but that's what we have here in my country.

    My humble opinion would be that something happened related to my microbiome and probably a leaky gut.
    I'll try to contact Dr Kaufman which is my main doctor for the disease but I think I already know what he'll do, and that is recomend a 30 day abx for the gut. Not sure if I'm happy with it.
  8. jaminhealth

    jaminhealth Well-Known Member

    You have no fear of taking all the drugs you take? They would sure put a lot of fear in me.

    Grape Seed Extract came into my life in 1995, first in the form of Pycnogenol and took it for a year and then found Grape Seed Ex and it's 24 yrs on this one.

    No claritin etc etc etc.....

    Before the two, it was Sudafed, Drixoral and allergy docs and his shots and tests that did him rich.
  9. Folk

    Folk Well-Known Member

    Well, I was basically homeboumd before the drugs, and after I was leading close to a normal life, with my own business, working out etc. So it's a choice (or lack of)
  10. jaminhealth

    jaminhealth Well-Known Member

    Folk: You are a pretty Young Person. I believe there is an alternative for just about every drug people choose to take. Even the dread cancers...plenty of people opt to NOT go with the toxic drug world and work with so many alternatives available to us. Yes, we do have choices...
  11. jaminhealth

    jaminhealth Well-Known Member

    Have you had a really really thorough work up on your thyroid...there is a major connection with FM dx and sluggish thyroid. I probably went to 5 docs with depression issue over a 10 yr period and some of them including a couple endo's and all said "you are fine"....B.S. as a D.O. I saw finally took control and put me on a low dose thyroid support (armour) and the 10 yrs of misery lifted. It was low thyroid all along and some told me it was FM. Bullroar.
  12. David Tyrer

    David Tyrer Member

    While I don't feel the need to sleep after eating, even a mid-sized meal does leave me tired and worn out afterwards.

    It also significantly raises my hrt and, I suspect, my BP which leads to me feeling even more tired. So I can empathise with you here.
  13. Folk

    Folk Well-Known Member

    Thankfully I'm feeling way way way better. Not getting tired after eating anymore, and just mild pain sometimes. Getting back

    I wonder how many times I'll be able to fall and recover. But once again it seems I got away....
  14. jaminhealth

    jaminhealth Well-Known Member

    The fatigue and tiredness could be low potassium in our bodies...getting enough potassium rich foods? RDA daily in U.S. for adults is 4700mg, 5100mg for women. I have been a little more fatigued lately and it hit me Potassium and one banana a day does NOT do it....I have been on top of this but have slipped so back on and I use potassium gluconate 99mg, 2 daily with meals. I'll do this for a while and see how it goes...I KNOW I don't Eat enough potassium rich foods...1/2 avocado daily does not do it.

    There is a lot of info on potassium deficiency and Fatigue is a biggie. I started taking 99mg tabs with meals, 2 of them for a while and feeling a bit more energized.
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  15. Edie

    Edie Active Member

    When I get unusually tired after eating, it's mostly because I've developed a new food allergy. That has been one of my most frustrating problems with these illnesses. A few years ago, I discovered N.A.E.T., which is a simple acupuncture method for getting rid of allergies. I get a treatment, stay away from that allergen for 25 hours and then I've been desensitized. You can check them out online.
    Usually, when I've developed a new allergy, besides being tired, I get a real stuffy nose, brain fog and non refreshing sleep, despite being on proper sleep meds. The only allergy that acted differently was Gluten. It caused me extreme leg spasms at night and eventually severe diarrhea. Gluten and dairy treatments only held for 3 months, so I just eliminated them from my diet permanently.
    I get my treatments from a Dr. of Chinese medicine and I also see some chiropractors and acupuncturists doing N.A.E.T. as well.
  16. jaminhealth

    jaminhealth Well-Known Member

    Edie, Pycnogenol and/or Grape Seed Extract has been a miracle in my life Re: allergies. Been taking one or both for going on 25 yrs.
  17. Edie

    Edie Active Member

    Thanks for the tip! I remember reading that Pycnogenol & Grape Seed Extract are basically the same and that they are powerful antioxidants. I will try the Grape Seed Extract because it's a lot less expensive. How much should I be taking and how many times a day?
  18. jaminhealth

    jaminhealth Well-Known Member

    Enough for your weight. A good daily dose is 200mg or so, if one is pretty thin, 100mg or so. If you buy 100mg caps, you can work with these, 100mg a couple times daily. Work up since you are new. I like Olympian Labs brand and get best price on ebay these days, and a friend buys hers at Costco, they have a popular brand that is a hot item there. Need more help, ask. j

    Some days if I'm feeling a little off or something, I even will take a 400mg cap as I bought some at a special price.