Anyone else here have MCS too?

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    Thanks Wayne for the compliment - your post provides good information. So the protocol is similar, as others may not know, NAC is a converted form of cysteine which is involved in glutathione production.
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    N-acetylcysteine can boost GSH levels, too.
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    I suspect that MCS comes about because there's already a high level of toxins being produced endogenously that have to be cleared, so most of the liver's detoxification capacity is already being used, which leaves little to handle more toxins coming in from the outside. My MCS has improved significantly as I've worked on getting my systemic candidiasis under control. I'm fairly certain that mycotoxins are the main culprit in my particular case of ME/CFS.

    pbyr, I've also found turmeric to be an excellent supplement. I've been very please with the Turmeric Curcumin Complex from Sam's Club (surprisingly!). It uses a more absorbable form of curcumin.
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    Your observations are correct, when the immune system is activated, there are very strong toxins produced by it. For example there are oxygen and nitrogen compounds produced, these are used to lyse the pathogens. Lyse means these compounds literally poke holes into organism walls which kills them.

    The problem is the compounds toxify us and we need to clear them up. These compounds attack cell membranes which weaken the functions of the cells which leads to lower energy, lower resistance, weakened immunity, lowered ability to detoxify etc. Antioxidants negate the harmful effects of these oxidants and will protect the cells from further damage. And I should mention that pathogens themselves produce toxic byproducts as you have suggested (mycotoxins).

    I have gone from being bed ridden to nearly functional by addressing the infection and toxin issues.

    Thanks for the tip on the turmeric compound.
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    Another idea: My son ( second child) was delivered via suction. When they brought him to me, his jaw was very retracted and quivering and his face was abnormally red and not "right." Now I appreciate that these are indications of high neck trauma He had multiple sensitivities as a baby and boy - to everything. How many people with MCS have "neck issues?"
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