Cortene Study - What to do in the meantime?

Steve Connolly

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Hi everyone. Not Started thread before, so I hope this is the right place.

In light of the fascinating and optimistic Cortene study which Cort is currently blogging about, and many seem enthusiastic about participation and anticipation of results, it occurs to me that if the hypothesis is correct then there may be something which can be done in the meantime. Whether people would want to before the results of the first CFS study, well I would. The chronic stress hypothesis absolutely fits for me, and also explains all my other secondary and tertiary illnesses.

So, it would support the following already well supported therapies:
- Limbic retraining (See DNRS, Lightening Process, Optimum Health Clinic, Dan Neuffer's ANS Rewire, and Gupta. These all seem to follow a largely similar approach of reducing stress response through neuroplasticity/limbic system rewiring) On the basis that reduced stress capacity self-perpetuates the condition, then reducing stresses, and individual's responses to stress can minimise the perpetuation to some degree or other...
- In keeping with this theory; Meditation, mindfulness and Yoga seem intrinsic elements of many of these approaches.

What else might help of the Cortene Hypothesis is correct?
- Well it occurs to me that if Serotonin is the antagonist in the condition, then maybe there are ways to sweep this up which would help? I understand that activated charcoal can reduce serotonin. I know some people take 5-HTP and Tryptophan to increase Serotonin, but does anyone know of any other Serotonin reducers?

It would be great to compile a list of things which help, and anyone's experiences in this area. I for one am going to have a go at this.


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I'm curious about one thing though.
He said the drug is to be taken for a short term. People asked "how come, this is a chrnoic disease."
he said if it broke so fast it can recover that fast, therefore it won't be necesary to take the medicine long term.
(not exactly in this words haha)

But what about all of us that didn't broke fast? that deteriorated slowly?

Some thoughts on the subject. Based on my experience of breaking fast and deteriorating slowly is that if you can fix the underlying problem, it should reset the behavior. However, based on working with Dr Cheney and comments from his heart transplant, it may take time for the body to recognize the new normal. I have borrowed this passage from

"A great example of this is Dr. Cheney's own heart transplant made necessary by a diagnosis of idiopathic cardiomyopathy. After two years of increasingly severe symptoms, the underlying problem of heart failure was corrected surgically in a matter of hours. However, even after an outstandingly successful transplant, a resulting cardiac output of someone in their 20's, and time to recover from the surgery itself, Dr. Cheney's functional capacity was still very much what it had been before the transplant. He asked his doctors why he still felt so incapacitated. One doctor told him, “Well, your body adapted to the reality of a failing heart in order to survive and now that your heart is fixed, it will take a year or two for your body to re-adapt back to the reality of your new heart.”

In other words, all chronic illness always has two problems to solve: the problem at the core of the illness and the adaptation the body makes to survive. The first can sometimes be fixed very quickly (hours to weeks) but the latter takes time. There is no “hours to weeks fix” to the second problem of adaptation because it becomes programmed into one's gene expression, also known as phenotype"

As far as Activated charcoal and serotonin, I am not sure, but I am aware of people using AC to fix mold issues. Likewise, CSM and Cheney recommended a specific brand of bentonite clay, and Shoemaker uses CSM to eliminate biotoxins. So, its quite possible a prolonged use of AC could have the benefit of eliminating toxins that are causing the body stress. With any of these binders, it is important to take several hours after any supplements or medicines you are using as they also can bind to these

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