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I may be the oldest person here but maybe not, 81 next month. No cataracts, glaucoma or other eye diseases and this is what I take daily to keep it that way.

Vit C
Grape Seed Extract
Crystalline Eye Drops (homeopathic) cataract prevention
Simalasan for dry eyes (homeopathic)

And always wear Sun glasses when outdoors, sunny or cloudy.

I was told by an eye doc about 20 yrs ago "cats" were coming and I got to work and learned all I felt I needed for good eye health...doing good. Surgery of any kind is my very very least choice.

And after a lifetime of "faithful" eye doc visits, they don't see me much at all.


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Thank you for sharing that, jam!

I hadn't heard about the Crystalline eye drops. They sound interesting. I was told at my last eye appointment that I am starting to develop cataracts. The doc seemed to think it was normal for a person my age. But I would prefer not to have to have cataract surgery some day.

From the reading I've done on Dr. Mercola's website, it sounds like eyes are very sensitive to the kinds of fats we eat. I've read suggestions that we get plenty of healthy fats, and avoid all the polyunsaturated fats that go rancid when processed at the factory or used in cooking.

Luckily they make coconut oil potato chips now! I have been avoiding french fries and etc.

In the vein of getting plenty of EFAs, I've been trying this fish oil lately:
It seems good so far. Although it smells a tad rancid. I wish they would put some antioxidants in it to keep it fresh. I've been keeping it in the fridge.


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Fore: The drops are great and as I said the eye docs don't see me, have NOT had an eye exam in over 10 yrs, all is good and I did hit 81.

Now if only the OA would behave more, and since I'm using the HGH homeopathic gel for 7 months now, I'm even getting relief there...hip replacement 9 yrs ago really did me in. Any surgery we do can cause arthritis to set it our bodies.

Good to chat and hope all is pretty good with you. jam


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HI jam!

That is too bad about your hip. I'm glad you are getting some relief!

I look forward to trying the eye drops when they are back in stock. The websites I checked said it is going to be a while.

I'm hanging in, being a human guinea pig as usual.
Wishing you many years to go and better health for all of us in the future!


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Here is a testimony from a member on another group I'm a member, on Macular Degeneration. I believe it's a good overall eye support regardless.

((A friend of mine was diagnosed with early m.d. some years ago. I did some research and suggested he take a supplement called EyeAstin by Nutrex Hawaii. After 2 years on EyeAstin, the eye doctor said the m.d. was stable and not getting any worse. After 4 years on the EyeAstin, the eye doctor proclaimed that he could find no evidence of m.d. anymore. My friend still takes the EyeAstin years later and his eyes are fine with no m.d.))

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