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I was shipped the wrong supplement a while back.... looked it up, and found someone here posting it as a helpful herb for ME/CFS. Adaptogenic, and nootropic. Good for brainfog. I took part of a capsule. I got my brain back! It was like before ME. No strength, energy, no stimulant effects, feeling hyper as with some other things I've tried. I was able to write, really write. Took it two days in a row, first about 200 mg, then 130 mg or so. Some insomnia, my mind wouldn't shut off. I had ideas for my book coming nonstop. Took a week break from it. But kept writing. Tried two days of a lower dose, not quite as strong effect, but still able to write.
Then, a big, big relapse. Just from mental output, not physical. !!!! Has been the biggest relapse in years. I kept writing bits now and then, even lying down, couldn't stop. Finally, so exhausted, I had to put it all awy in a box... print out everything, and put it away, so I could REST. That worked. But I'm still quite crashed several weeks later. Very slowly improving.
Just thought I'd share my experience. Anyone else have this happen?
While it worked, before the crash, it was WONDERFUL. My brain worked. I felt like I had purpose again, being able to write.
Oh, well.

Not dead yet!

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Not sure how relevant this is, but when I was in college I used gotu kola for studying. It was the first "tincture" that proved to me that these things work and need more research, way more. It was like I'd spent 45 min meditating, but I didn't have to do anything but wait for it to kick in. I've since made halfhearted attempts to talk back to the "skeptics" on the internet, but there's no point. The number of trolls is endless. Sure there's scams out there, but an organic herb grower isn't one of them. It's too much work for a con artist to grow stuff.

Lately I'm hearing the word nootropic applied to more and more items that never had that label before. I fear it's a prelude to making them illegal. I hope not. For one thing it would put an end to traditional accupuncture in the US, which is NOT practiced by the accupuncturists you see with insurance. Insurers do not cover the herbs, and often won't contract with an accupuncturist who makes custom herb mixtures (ie. every traditional Chinese American Accupuncturist). Not sure anymore, but I think gotu kola comes from TCM ,Traditional Chinese Medicine. If so, then Chinese science is working on validating it along with a lot of other herbs and materials used in TCM (and you might find some articles in pubmed on it). For another thing, it's illogical to legalize marijuana, permit alcohol/smoking/glandulars, and ban nootropics.

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