Higher prevalence of ‘low T3 syndrome’ in patients with CFS: A case-control study

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    " If confirmed, trials with e.g. T3 and iodide supplements might be indicated."

    Wow that read like my test results, esp the last part.

    My issue was very complex. The more I read about Celiac, the more I regret having gone gluten free before getting a screening, because the effects fit me perfectly. I doubt if in my case the iodine and T3 would've been enough by themselves. I needed to be off gluten, and I needed to heal my liver a bit. Then it seems like I detoxed or had a gut bug about three months later which started involving multiple organs (spleen, pancreas, and either ileus or appendix spasms).

    But limiting my concentration to only the thyroid, yeah that sounds right. I had to see a functional med doctor to even be tested for that. I'd seen the endo 4 times and each time they were more clueless and deaf-mute than before. I'm tempted to go back to the endocrine clinic, and say... "So, hypothetically, let's pretend I have diabetes and I complain about a sudden drop in eyesight. what do you do? Ignore it? Or refer me to a specialist? Because in this case, my thyroid symptoms warranted a ref to a gastro" and they didn't send me.
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