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Unless perhaps different strains of the same pathogen was what was causing the variable symptoms.
Could be - Hanson suggested that in a Simmaron talk...It's a possibility.
Lipkin screwed up on the herpesvirus testing - no way it was going to show up the way he did it.

With clues being found for both Rituximab and Ampligen regarding which types of patients they work in - that's a big step forward.

I hope that's not true for Rituximab! Dr. Peterson is giving it a try, by the way.

One way the metabolomics and other omics research may help is that they can identify pathways that have been disturbed and then they can match those pathways to drugs that we might not even have considered that can effect. Ron Davis is just waiting for the evidence to show up; he has samples of every FDA approved drug there is; he can test these in the lab with ME/CFS patients samples....Drug repurposing is on the top of his list.
lipkin is not an honest scientist, what's shame the Frank Ruscceti its not 20 years younger, no body has more experiance thank him on viruses and retroviruses.. he discovered htlv1 in japan in the 80's, he has been directly involved in development of hiv drugs, in leukemia research ,360+ scientistic publications including noble prizes he is the perfect candidate, if i would of has enough money i will invest in sofisticate lab abd will contract him and mikovits to run it.
Aren't the pathogens suppressing the immune system? Look what HIV does to a person's immune system.
but ofcourse its, but this retrovirus has a diferent mechanism, changing your Dna your mathyliation, if your body doesn't methyliation properly your nk cells don't have the cytotoxic that need to kill pathogen , we all low nk cell funtion low cd56 bright vital for the innate immune system.. this is the most importan part of our immune system to keep pathogen away, to keep viruses check supremes, gut bacteria in balance to prevent cancer"" i thing there is were the issues is "this retroviruses induce vasculitis and tumornecrosis those are two of the bigger money makers trillions of big pharma, we all know this fat big pharma control washington including Nih and research..
if the world understand that most of this disease have a viral ethiology uff what a problem for big pharma!!
we all know on some one with difective RnaseL antiviral herpes live hhv6,cmv, ebv can cause infection in the heart cardiopathy and other heart conditions, we also know if nk cells don't work properly cancer can grow uncheck just like viruses do in us..
There is a lot more to be found on her blog...I encourage everyone to read it. She's making a lot of sense to me.
Dr Deckoff" Bravo for you"
there is no other explanation, you mentioned in a few words the reality the truth of what me/cfs is.
beyond any reasonable doubt me/cfs is infectious transmisible disease( RETROVIRAL INFECTION)
as you mentioned it runs in families our kids etc,, just like Aids we are passing it to each other.. now does everyone develope Me/cfs, no no exactly many of our family members have it, but others don't but they can develope many other type of diseases" i have said this for years since i got sick and started doing research about it. ( the reason why finding the root cause of me/cfs have been cover up for sooo long is what you said- many other diseases are derivated from this retroviral infection" if we look at what this MLV related retroviruses can do, you will find vasculitis, cardiovascular issues, neurological issues cancers etc.. isn't this what we see on me/cfs????
but ofcourse as you also said heterogeneous triggers, other viruses like EBV, CMV, HHV6 mycoplasmas can cause the cascade and myrad of symptoms we have.. it's like if a person is in a fight and when is very weak another 5 people step in to bit it up..
who even know is EBV or any of this herpes viruses recombine with the retroviruse and as you said make it fully replicate or help the RT to enter certein type of cell that couldn't do before by using their envelope protein.
other viruses hhv6-cmv help hiv to enter the cell and replicate..
im sure this is why after mono or other herpes infection people develope me/cfs.. i'm sure depending on how you this retroviral infection, at what point in your life you were infected, how and co infections will predict the disease severity.

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I agree with the pathogen theory 100%. It's occam's razor isn't it? Flu like symptoms? Probably a virus. Start looking, don't drag your feet.

I think that Dr. Lipkin went to bed after the "debunking" and as he was falling asleep he had a thought. "I'm about to retire. The history books will remember me as the one who debunked the retrovirus theory and maybe it will turn out to be true. Worse, they will remember me as the one who kicked sick people when they were down. And I'm supposed to respect shamans and go learn from them now? That would be self indulgent." I think he is a decent person with a working conscience that politics could not repress. Being brilliant, he spent a lot of time thinking about the other ways in which the illness could be characterized. OK, so they poisoned one well, let's take the long way around and when there is enough science they can't deny it any longer.

Next came the defunding of ME/CFS, See, that's the part that showed the hand of those against us. If you find that one research direction is really a fluke and you believe it's a fluke... then you switch directions. The "reverted to asking if the illness is real" part is a direct result of the defunding, not the science. It is incorrect to say "science doubts the existence of ME/CFS" and Dr. Lipkin's next action was to reply to this misinformation. What he has published since is a direct indictment of the mistaken assumption that just because we can force one avenue to close, it means the illness doesn't exist.

I suspect he felt betrayed by the pulling of funding. I don't think he expected that the illness would be trashed along with the science under scrutiny. All he said was that he doubted one theory, not the illness. The defunding probably offended him as a scientist and I am thankful that he stayed and decided to help us some more. I don't know him, this is just my impression based on my impression of other brilliant scientists I've known and how they react to things. Conventional and scientist when taken together often dull the brilliance in my opinion. His behavior is consistent with what I know about other geniuses.

In the end, his contribution, and those of others on the cytokine limb of the mystery, will contribute to the cure. We should not bite any hand that is trying to help us.

I am glad though, that there are so many who see that this is an end run, by the scientists who were frustrated in a valid effort by political forces. Maybe even financial forces (assuming pharmaco's were alarmed by the connection with vaccines). This process of discovery would be faster and more win/win if scientists could just get on with the work of finding things out, and not have to ask Big Brother whether it's ok if they find something out.

Metabolism is not a fully worked out activity of the body. We only have pieces. Ditto for the other major systems like immunity and neurology (these last two are showing more and more links). Turning to basic science after a government over-reaction is the logical next step. Moving forward is necessary.

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