Lithium and B12

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  1. Hi all. First post, been out of the forums for awhile, hope I'm doing this right:

    Lithium and B12. Can anyone here point me to legit research validating what I often see written in Facebook health groups: that is, that lithium aids the transport of B12 into the cells. No one there has been able to provide a link to his/her statement which is being presented as fact; I myself haven't been able to find any scientific research regarding this. TIA.
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    I would be very careful about accepting this as a fact. But UCSD seems to have done some preliminary research on it:

    I suggest you search for that article in full text at your local medical library (closest University to you, or closest veterinary library) and carefully scrutinize the methods section and the results section before you draw any conclusions. Go with a medical student or someone who is familiar with biology jargon and preferably also statistical analysis. Try to find similar articles to get perspective.

    Just because there's a reference out there doesn't mean it's true. But that seems to be the source of the rumor.

    Welcome to the forum! :)
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  3. Thank you.

    I had found this reference (above) few days ago. And there is another study, I believe. Haven't gotten around to reading them yet.

    If true, it all sounds rather interesting, and my interest piqued I've looked at the foods listed as good sources of lithium.

    Thanks for the warning, but I'm one to check out anything said in FB health groups, for example. I left FB a few days ago...all the misinformation and pseudoscience starting messin' with me. Actually, being there increased my existential depression...."The world is too much with us" kind of creepy feeling.

    Thanks again, appreciate it.
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