Major New Immune Booster - Possible Antiviral Found


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Recent study - published in Science, no less - indicates researchers may have found heretofore undiscovered protein that could enhance the immune response significantly. This protein- found in a mouse study - could boost the ability of the immune system to knock out viruses and cancer.
The researchers had no idea this apparently unusually shaped protein would turn out to have the role it did.

Interestingly given all the interest in mitochondria in ME/CFS, the protein boosts the mitchondrial acitvity in immune cells called cytotoxic T-cells, involved in fighting off viruses and cancers. Both natural killer cells and cytotoxic T-cells - which share a common lineage - appear to be functioning poorly in ME/CFS.

The protein may also effect inflammatory and autoimmune disorders.

Dr Claudio Mauro, who led the research from the Centre for Biochemical Pharmacology, based within Queen Mary University of London's William Harvey Research Institute, said: "This study has identified the novel protein LEM and unlocked an unexpected way of enhancing the ability of our immune system to fight viruses or cancers. This is based on the ability of the protein LEM to regulate specific energy circuits, and particularly mitochondrial respiration, in a subset of white blood cells known as cytotoxic Tcells. This discovery has immediate consequences for the delivery of innovative therapeutic approaches to cancer. Its ramifications, however, are far greater as they can help explaining the biological mechanisms of widespread human diseases involving altered immune and inflammatory responses. These include chronic inflammatory and autoimmune disorders, such as atherosclerosis and rheumatoid arthritis.

More animal trials and then human trials are next.

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Nope. :D Sorry, @Minx , unless you can get to London dressed as a mouse, your trial will have to wait.

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You know, all the spotlight findings are downright confusing at a fundamental level - which way to treat your system.

OTOH, we get excited about finding new ways to slow down viral replication and all the apoptosis stuff... .

Then, we learn to feed the neglected energy packets in the mito damaged cells, presumably caused (mediated) by
viral activity, ie by BOOSTING the immune system... .

So, rhetorically? which is the better way - rev it up or slow it down?

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