New York Tells Its Doctors To Watch Out For Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (ME/CFS)

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    The 85,000 doctors in the state of New York just got a wake up call regarding ME/CFS courtesy of the New York Department of Health.The monthly letter, which presented ME/CFS as a serious disease told the doctors in the state to learn about ME/CFS and consider diagnosing it when they came across patients with debilitating fatigue.

    This is the first time I've heard of a state specifically calling ME/CFS to the attention of its doctors.

    Reading the monthly letters the New York Department of Health sends out is considered mandatory for New York physicians. The Department logs the receipt and opening of each letter.

    Letter Sparks New Action: Dr. Zucker's letter has sparked a new action from ME Action - contacting your state or territorial health officials, showing them this letter and asking them to send a similar letter out. For a list of US state and territorial health officials, go to:
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    Are these written pages written as a PDF or doc file?

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    What a lost opportunity, Please include this next year as a sample of how congress can help in the next year congress briefing pls!