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I live in the land down under literally. Not many countries nearby and definitely cant drive to another country unless my car turned into a submarine. Sending blood overseas is expensive to courier because of time frames etc.

Some testing here like antioxidant status and other similar nutrient type testing isnt covered by the healthcare system here. What really grinds my gears is not being able to get viral titres measured its just igm or igg positive. Nk function testing isnt done outside of research study and cant pay privately for it here.

Id like to know if anyone has had any experience with health system in thailand. It seems like a good option as general expenses etc are cheap and flights arent too bad as i dont need to fly across the other side of the world. Its actaully cheaper to holiday in thailand then in australia itself especially long stays like 2 weeks plus.

I know many go there for medical holidays and get alot of cosmetic stuff done but i wonder how good their pathology labs are price wise etc that would be relevant to cfsme. I read one american guys experience and said the labs he got done, not cfs stuff, cost him $90 , where back home they would have cost thousands.

Im really after viral titres, nk function and if any interesting treatments available would be great. Also different nutrient testing too. If i did this id probably plan a holiday around . I dont think the total cost would be much more than normal cost of living here really.


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