Sex Bias in Health Care


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Sorry, had fast fingers, but not to be a Drama Queen, but it seems that men's health is more important than female's. The United States Government pays Veterans Hospital to examine and prescribe for erectile dysfunction, and has readily accessible medication for it, but I as a female with Interstitial Cystitis, a female problem am still having to jump through hoops for. Our women's center doesn't provide pelvic exams, mammograms, or hysterectomy. Now, speaking of ED, that medical hit the market way, way before any Fibromyalgia medication was approved. Fibromyalgia is a woman's issue. I have had 2 female with low income insurance have unusual bleeding which would lead a Doctor to suspect cancer. No they were offered hormone treatment. I advised them to get a second opinion, something that saved my life. Both were diagnosed with Uterine Cancer. Just like I was, except my Doctor missed large tumors and a uterus 3 times to large. I guess he was so used to tuning me out about my Fibromyalgia getting worse, he turned the signs I had Cancer when he examined me. I think women get tuned out a lot. For 8 years I have been tuned out about my Blood Pressure dropping to 60/40 and me passing out. Drink some Gatorade, take a salt tablet. Now my Blood Pressure soars for no reason and when people have noticed it dropping, I just don't pass out, I have seizures. Why? Bloods not getting to my brain. It happened last night. In the middle of sleeping, not a POTS attack. I was lying down asleep having a seizure, waking up my husband. He forced Gatorade down me, had me eat salty chips. I kept passing out. It took us two hours to stabilize me. Why didn't I go to the ER? First, I would be treated like an overdose, suicide. Then just a druggie. Then they would get scared because they could get me stabilized and Holy Shot, something was wrong, my husband was telling the truth. Then we check for strokes, and I get stabbed some more. Oh her kidneys are failing. Yes we know. A few bags of saline and a tilt table plus maybe $13000 later, wow, Maam, all your tests are good. You really need to get this looked at by a Cardiologist. Who will tell me my heart is beautiful and we don't know what you have. I am really trying to get better, have a better life. They say Fibromyalgia can't kill you, but I wonder if I had been alone in bed groggy from my melatonin 10MG having a seizure, with a 60/40 Blood Pressure lying down, would I have woken up. I was too groggy to drink. Would it have just gone up itself? Maybe something's about Fibromyalgia can kill you, maybe then someone will listen to women, that we're not just hysterical, where they get the word hysterectomy from, because they consider it a Woman's Problem. Just my rant, oh and I was so no blood to the brain couldn't get my limbs to work. But it's all in my head, quite a feat!

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