'The Science Isn’t Settled on Chronic Lyme' by Rehmeyer and Dusenberry

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    Fantastic Slate article by Julie Rehmeyer and Maya Dusenberry.

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    Thanks, that is a great write-up.

    This review of Khakpour's book is a nice non-science companion piece focusing on the social dynamics of chronic invisible disease (not only Lyme), harking back to Virginia Woolf, Susan Sontag, etc.

    It's an oddly comforting read because Khakpour, Rhemeyer, and others encourage us to find meaning in alternative narratives rather than getting bogged down in ruminations about whether or not we are believed, or how we might or might not fit into society's conventional narratives -- which have yet to figure out how to accommodate chronic sickness.

    I think there's still a lot of truth to this. I'd never fully contemplated the psychic sacrifice required of others merely for believing and aligning with sick "misfits" -- so I quickly phoned my sole unwavering ally to thank him for his years of unconditional support and belief in my struggles.
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