US National Institute of Health now allows Ivermectin to treat Covid-19 patients


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The US based National Institute of Health have finally updated their guidelines regarding Ivermectin.
It has gone from recommending against the use of Ivermectin to treat Covid-19 patients to putting it in the same 'neutral' category as convalescent plasma and monoclonal antibodies i.e. NIH is neither for or against Ivermectin.

This now allows doctors to start prescribing Ivermectin to treat patients during the different stages of the illness.

If you look at the NIH's rationale for this decision it is highly flawed in many places. Most notable is the highly selective use of certain clinical studies to justify its decision. I fully expect the Frontline Covid-19 Critical Care Alliance, which has done so much to push NIH to carry out this recent update, to provide a detailed criticism of the NIH's decision.

For a review of NIH's decisioon see this video by Whiteboard Doctor on youtube:

One can cite many examples of studies that the NIH has ignored. A good example is the study by epidemiologist Dr. Juan Chamie et al which looks at the use of Ivermectin given to millions of people in Peru. It reveals how this has crushed infection/mortality rates and proven to be very safe. See the study link below:

Chamie-Quintero, Juan and Hibberd, Jennifer and Scheim, David, Sharp Reductions in COVID-19 Case Fatalities and Excess Deaths in Peru in Close Time Conjunction, State-By-State, with Ivermectin Treatments (January 12, 2021). Available at SSRN:

Still this decision by the globally influential NIH is a step forward in that it now allows patients to ask their doctors for Ivermectin and allows doctors/hospitals to include it in their treatment regimes. One can only hope that as data from several larger clinical trials becomes available over the next few months the NIH can be pushed into revising its guidelines into a recommendation for Ivermectin.

We shouldn't forget that NIH has funneled hundreds of millions into new expensive drug treatments such as monoclonal antibodies but not given one cent towards any c

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