VCS Contrast Testing for Mold/Neurotoxin Illness.


New and improved visual contrast sensitivity testing...and the first test is still free!

I have read that many laptops cannot be calibrated properly due to not having enough dpi or the right gamma correction. The solution for this can be to use an iphone or ipad.
How does your test compare to the test offered by Dr. Shoemaker? contrast sensitivity tests have been taken over 18,000 times and are widely used and relied upon by individuals, healthcare professionals, and researchers all around the world. Our new Online Contrast Sensitivity Test™ - the OCST™ - is identical to the Functional Acuity Contrast Test, or FACT®, used by Dr. Shoemaker and others involved in neurotoxin research in terms of contrast levels and spatial frequencies tested, but it uniquely features on-screen display size and gamma calibration to ensure that results are accurate and valid regardless of the type, size, and settings of the device used to test. Additionally, OCST test images are generated dynamically in software, which ensures that images are of the highest quality and that the test is different each time you take it. Our biotoxin-illness pass/fail algorithm is the same proven algorithm used by Dr. Shoemaker, though the OCST also scores performance at the other tested spatial frequencies using criteria developed from current contrast sensitivity-related research. We provide up to 2 pages of enhanced and expanded results and interpretation, including research-based information on what deficits at each of the tested spatial frequencies might suggest. Results are immediately available on-screen, and in printable and forwardable PDF format for a nominal donation.

The OCST is the most advanced, most accurate, and most reliable FACT-based contrast sensitivity test available online.


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Please notice my comment on another thread about VCSTEST. I'm certain I'm getting better. There is alot of detox that has to be done and purging of your environment. I'm making progress.

I went to pick up new glasses and from the time my eyes were checked to getting them, my vision had improved in both eyes. I lowered the correction and astigmatism. They are going to have to remake them. I was told my eyes getting better would be one of the first signs of improving. It's happening.

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