A Buddhist on Having ME/CFS

A Buddhist on Having ME/CFS

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[fright][bimg=no-lightbox]http://www.mesupport.co.uk/uploads/images/Kathryn%20McIntosh.JPG[/bimg] [/fright]I have a lot of work to do in Nepal and will continue to struggle with M.E., but in spite of all this believe I can contribute to society at 53 years of age. I still have a lot to give and I do what I can, when I can as I am able. I do it with my whole heart and do the best I can every day. This is all anyone can ask. I will deal with the tearful days, the days when I cannot move on my own terms. I am, if nothing else, a determined woman even if my body lets me down. His Holiness says "Never give up!" so that is what I intend to do, and what I want for everyone with M.E. Don't give up! Never give up!

There have been times when darkness took over my life, and I had to return to the teachings (meditation) that tell me that this is a mind perception alone. It is true, what we see and feel is based on our own individual experiences and how we define them for ourselves. This perception while it is created can also be uncreated. So yes, M.E. support is partly cognitive reasoning - yes I have an AS in physiology as well, just to help me understand things for myself!

Just as we came to become ill so too can we become well. No, there is no cure, but I honestly believe that with the teachings, and good natural medicine as needed for other symptoms, combined with a life that is restful, balanced will benefit me and give me more years than I would have had working in the NHS, with all the stresses that I physically can feel from day to day. Again, this too is a perception but we all have individual limits and we must be accepting of these limits and not push so hard. There is no perfection in this life; there is only the opportunity for goodness. In that opportunity, if we apply compassion and kindness with wisdom we can lead a better life, even with M.E.


Getting angry never helps us. We have to counteract medical opinion with our own inner wisdom. I think this is all M.E. sufferers really have. When you feel like you are beating your head against the wall, my best advice is to stop! Protect yourself the best way you can. Take time for you. At lunch take a nap for 15 minutes. Meditation once you are home from work is very useful. Turn off the telly! It's ruining your quiet time. Turn off the radio. Listen to soothing sounds and let go of the trouble of the day. Just sit in the garden with a cup of tea. Just be quiet. We carry with us the stone of our life, and our minds and bodies weary from the struggle. So put the stone down and rest. I know sometimes it's not enough to do these things and despair can easy take root. But keep trying. No one can help you but you. You are in charge.

If you don't work then take advantage of your time. Rather than focusing on the label of M.E., focus on the fact you are here still trying to find a solution. Congratulate yourself for your small achievements and the good minutes or days that come. They all count! Don't give up. I have no cure and still struggle.

Some days I'm so weary I can barely breathe. On these days I let go more and more and rest. I find that only then does my strength return slowly. Then I don't do too much and overdo it as I was prone to do. I do things slowly even on good days. And what can wait for another day simply waits. I won't tell people what to do. I only share what has worked for me. Gentle life, a quiet life, is my solution. M.E. is still there, but I am in control!
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I to have incorporated a buddhist-like philosphy and found it essential to being peaceful with my condition. I reconnected with the natural world and found higher truths. All that was said here felt supportive and calming, truthful and useful. Thank you.

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