Adrienne Delwho's Pathway to Remission

No single game-changer: putting together a package of moderately effective treatments works

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    Source of the Story:
    Internet story
    Adrienne Delwho
    • Fibromyalgia
    Disease Course Over Time:
    Adrienne Delwho runs's site on Fibromyalgia. She stated that "After a long, slow build-up, I developed full-blown fibromyalgia in 2006. It knocked me down hard." Check out the triggering incident here:
    Type of Onset:
    gradual non-flu like
    Treatments That Made A Big Difference:
    No big winner - instead an array of things that helped
    Treatments That Helped:
    Endometrial ablation, acupuncture, supplements: rhodiola rosea, theanine, Omega 3, carnitine, vitamin D, a vitamin B complex, lysine, magnesium, milk thistle and turmeric. Lifestyle changes including leaving her full-time job as a TV news producer. The drop in stress helped right away. She also learned to simplify, ration my energy, and say no. A sleep study indicated she had sleep apnea and a CPAP machine helped her to get better sleep
    Treatments That Made You Worse:
    Drugs (not mentioned)
    Present State of Health:
    • Story taken from web - unable to tell
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    Words of Advice:
    I hope you understand that no treatment regimen works for all of us -- each case is unique, and it takes a lot of trial and error to find the right combination of treatments. However, the more we share information the better armed we are to fight back against fibromyalgia.
    "It was a long, twisty road full of obstacles and set backs but I haven't had a true fibromyalgia flare-up since 2010, in spite of multiple possible triggering events including emotional trauma, surgeries, and a nasty case of the flu."