All of Dr. Goldstein's ME/CFS Treatments By Erica Verillo

All of Dr. Goldstein's ME/CFS Treatments By Erica Verillo


Erica Verillo gets all of the treatments from the creative ex-ME/CFS doctor's treatment protocol down on one page - quite a feat.

From the site:

Dr. Jay Goldstein (now deceased) was a psychiatrist and psychopharmacologist. He published over forty papers in peer-reviewed journals, often related to pharmacotherapy, and pioneered the use of medications for off-label applications. Dr. Goldstein also wrote five medical books, most of them about CFS/ME.

Dr. Goldstein's approach to treating CFS/ME was so novel, and his ideas concerning the role of the midbrain so ground-breaking, that it is well worth looking at his methods and treatments. Dr. Goldstein's case studies shed light on many of the neurological deficits experienced by people with CFS/ME, as well as the treatments that might alleviate them. In light of recent studies documenting brain anomalies and nervous system excitoxicity in CFS/ME patients, Dr. Goldstein's work was clearly ahead of its time.

In a nutshell, Dr. Goldstein's theory – as laid out in his book, Betrayal by the Brain – was that CFS/ME is essentially a communication problem. He described CFS/ME as a “neurosomatic” illness, that is, a disorder of central nervous system processing. The purpose of his treatments was essentially to reset the brain, specifically the limbic system, via pathways going to the brain (these are referred to as “afferent”), so that the CNS would return to its normal functioning.

Typically, when Dr. Goldstein saw new patients, he would test them sequentially with minute quantities of many psychoactive drugs in order to 1) identify the source of the problem, and 2) establish which drugs would be most effective. This method allowed Dr. Goldstein to assess the patient rapidly, and at minimal cost. Dr. Goldstein halted sequential trials when the patient was “virtually asymptomatic.” Dr. Goldstein claimed that using this protocol most patients were dramatically improved in one or two office visits.

Many of Dr. Goldstein's treatments are still in use by CFS/ME clinicians, but so far no one has so thoroughly explained their neurological effects on CFS/ME.

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