Dr. Cheney's Recommendations For Surgery For People with ME/CFS 2016-04-30

A letter to the anesthesiologist

  1. Cort
    Long time ME/CFS physician Dr. Paul Cheney at his best - providing a to whom it may concern letter to anesthesiologists and doctors about how to avoid throwing ME/CFS patients into a relapse.

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    If you have ME/CFS/FM and are wondering if you should take precautions regarding surgery please stop wondering - you should! Please check the Mike Dessin's story of a mostly recovered ME/CFS patient who tumbled back into severe ME/CFS after minor surgery (with general anesthesia). I know of another person with moderate ME/CFS who suffered terribly after another minor surgery (with general anesthesia). She began to recover only after getting saline infusions. Here's Wayne's story:

    Please also see Pat's story of a successful surgical outcome after she took precautions.