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Dr. Myhill's Criteria For Beginning Treatment With Valtrex

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Dr. Myhill
The following criteria must be met:
  • A clear history of a virally induced CFS.
  • Recurrent symptoms associated with viral infection
  • Dr. Myhill's basic treatment package is being adhered to to put the immune system in the best possible shape and to protect against side-effect.
  • IgG Viral antibody titres that indicate past exposure to EBV. The level of antibody may be important - -a high titre suggests that the body is reacting “allergically” to EBV. I think this is what Dr Lerner means when he refers to “non-permissive” EBV infection. This test may be useful to monitor response to treatment because if successful I would expect antibody titres to fall. In some cases, I would also recommend measuring antibodies to CMV and HHV-6, again to help monitor future response. It may be that by using Valtrex to reduce the load of EBV and HHV-6 we put the immune system into a better state to allow it to deal with CMV, which has only some sensitivity to Valtrex. Viral antibody studies can be done on a few drops of blood from The Doctors Laboratory - these DIY kits can be ordered through my website at Category:Tests webpage In the first place, please request The Doctors Laboratory TINY test for “Epstein-Barr Virus Antibodies IgG”. Once I have the results of this test, I can decide upon treatment or the need for further tests.
  • Exclude co-infections – such as Lyme or babesia. Dr Martin Lerner found that if patients additionally had co-infections then they did not respond to the anti- viral regime. To diagnose co-infections please see Lyme Disease and other Co-infections. Having said that, my guess is that this is not quite as important as Dr Lerner states. The reason is that many of my patients do very well simply on the regimes advocated - ie improve diet, nutritional status etc and the body is well able to get rid of these co-infections itself. Furthermore I have now seen about 8 Elispot results (as at June 2015) and only one has been mildly positive.
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