Emotional Healing Key for Fibromyalgia Patient

Emotional Healing Key for Fibromyalgia Patient

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  1. Fibromyalgia
Disease Course Over Time
Diagnosed with fibromyalgia in 1987 while in school. Had to drop out of school. Spent most of a year in bed. Through diet, REIKI, etc. slowly improved. Became a massage therapist but still suffered from relapses. Bach Flower Remedies prove critical. She now uses various techniques to help other people with FM and ME/CFS.
Type of Onset
gradual non-flu like
6-10 years
Functionality at it's Worst
Mostly bedbound
severe fatigue, acute back pain, chronic migraines, insomnia, urinary tract infections, chronic sore throats, cognitive problems and swollen glands.
Treatments That Made A Big Difference
Beth has improved quite a bit when Bach Flower Remedies make the difference for her. She stated " I truly credit (Bach Flower Remedies" as being a catalyst for my moving out of the cycle of Fibromyalgia I had been in for close to a decade.
Treatments That Helped
A candida diet and food combining improved her digestion. Addressing childhood trauma, chiropractic, Massage, Reiki all helped a bit.
Present State of Health
  1. Fully recovered - no restrictions at all
Words of Advice
It was as I reflected back on my decade long journey that I came to understand the importance of taking responsibility for my own healing process, using a holistic approach – one that addresses body, mind, emotion and spirit and finding tools and techniques that support continued self-care and well-being.

I have found that it is most important to treat the whole person, not the disease or symptoms. Emotional healing is a great part of that. I believe as Dr. Edward Bach, creator of the Bach Flower Remedies, shares:

“In true healing, the nature and the name of the physical disease is of no consequence whatsoever. Disease of the body itself is nothing but the result of the disharmony between soul and mind. It is only a symptom of the cause, and as the same cause will manifest itself differently in nearly every individual, seek to remove this cause, and the after results, whatever they may be, will disappear automatically.”
Suggested Resources
It is my passion to help people with Fibromyalgia, CFS and other chronic conditions to utilize a holistic approach to life and well-being by addressing body, mind, emotion and spirit; and supporting a return to a state of wholeness that is I believe is every being’s truest essence.

Beth Terrence is based in Annapolis, MD. She offers one-on-one sessions, programs, and classes & workshops both locally and via phone/skype. Learn more at www.bethterrence.com or http://theheartofawakening.wordpress.com.
I have learned that healing is not a straight line, it is more like a spiral so it is natural to have up periods and down ones and that awareness can really help in those down times.

Read her story here
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