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HIP's Overview of Dr. Myhill's ATP Work in Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (ME/CFS)

Comprehensive overview of pioneering doctor./researcher's work in the mitochondria

  1. Remy
  2. Learner
    I'd already read all of Dr Myhill's paper, read through her website, and had one of the Acumen tests done - there's a lot of info to absorb...

    This is a great overview of Myhill's work with mitochondria.

    Two questions after reading this:

    1) If EPA is beneficial, how would Garth Nicholson's work and NT Factor fit with this theory?

    2) I've heard from my doctor that AMP IVs are of great benefit to patients in other countries. Might this help with the AMP wasting problem?

    Thanks for the excellent overview.
  3. SuziRider
    Dr. Sarah Myhill's work with CFS/ME is more progressive and comprehensive than anyone else's, but follows the same basic principles and research outlined by the late virologist, Dr. Martin Lerner.
    This article is a nice summary of the info on her extensive UK-based website.

    Other good CFS/ ME/FM sources are Dr. Montoya at Stanford Hospital in Calif., and Dr. Teitelbaum.
    1. Cort