How to Gain Weight

For the too skinny among us

  1. Cort
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    This resource is not on chronic fatigue syndrome (ME/CFS) but it does deal with a significant problem that some people with ME/CFS have - an inability to gain weight. Being too skinny means not having all the resources needed to produce energy and maintain health. Some anecdotal reports suggest that people with severe ME/CFS tend to be skinnier than those with less severe ME/CFS.

    The article points out that if you're having trouble gaining weight, your metabolic set point may have changed or perhaps you have a parasite. If your metabolic set point is a problem, you're going to have to "outsmart" your system to gain weight, and it will give you some ideas how.

    This article won't help for those who can't because of food sensitivities or gut issues; it simply presents a common-sense approach to gaining weight that may or may not help people with ME/CFS.

    You can ignore the section on exercise but the article does suggest some supplements that might help, foods to eat (some surprises there), foods to avoid (no junk food interestingly enough) and dietary strategies (no water with meals, eat proteins first).