Julie Rehmeyer's Mold Avoidance Recovery Story

Julie Rehmeyer's Mold Avoidance Recovery Story

Julie Rehmeyer
  1. Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
Disease Course Over Time
After moving to San Francisco Bay area Julie becomes mostly bed bound over time
Type of Onset
gradual non-flu like
11-15 years
Functionality at it's Worst
Mostly bedbound
Treatments That Made A Big Difference
After taking a trip to Death Valley for 10 days (with none of her possessions) Julies return home revealed how toxic her house was for her. She sold all belongings in her house and moved into another one. Eventually she moved to New Mexico and built a straw bale house. She now practices rigorous mold avoidance and is able to exercise vigorous and work.
Treatments That Helped
She's also doing coffee enemas, sauna, juicing -and she finds that running of all things (has to be vigorous exercise!) helps.
Present State of Health
  1. Almost recovered - Able to lead norrmal lifestyle
  2. Story taken from web - unable to tell
Practitioner Associated With Recovery
Suggested Resources
I will assume that Julie would put Paradigm Change here - http://paradigmchange.me/

Julie is working on a book about her recovery from ME/CFS
Julie has written several pieces on ME/CFS.In one she described her experience with mold avoidance:
As a result, I got contacted by a patient who argued that mold was actually a big part of the problem for many, maybe most, maybe even all ME/CFS patients. And she linked me to a blog post about someone who was trying mold avoidance — extreme mold avoidance — and he was able to exercise again. This just blew my mind.

So I contacted her and ended up following her advice. I went to the desert, to Death Valley, for two weeks with none of my own belongings, because my belongings were potentially contaminated with mold. So that was a way to get completely clear of mold.

When she returned

But then I woke up in the middle of the night and couldn’t walk.

I fired off emails to all of my friends: “Oh my God, I can’t walk!” That hadn’t been happening lately.

So I came back and I did react to my own living space. I got rid of all of my stuff and moved, and I quickly got very much better.

A Q and A with Julie

Mold Reactivity

Q: What kind of environment were you in when you had your worst malady?

Julie: That’s a good question. When I first got really sick in 2006, I was living in Berkeley. I think that was actually really key. There seem to be particular locations that are really bad for people who are sensitive to mold. Berkeley is one of them.

Q: So you discovered that at the source?

Julie: Yeah. I was initially really skeptical because I’d lived in lots of different places and it never seemed to matter. I’d never gone into a building or something and gotten much sicker. It didn’t seem like this applied to me at all.

Jule Rehmeyer on Complex Illnesses

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