Low Glycemic Diet Eventually Does it For Former Runner

Low Glycemic Diet Eventually Does it For Former Runner

  1. Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
Diets That Made a Significant Difference
Low Glycemic
Disease Course Over Time
Chris is a competitive runner running up to 60 miles a week. Starts having fainting spells, feels fluey and run down. His health collapses after he takes trip to Pakistan (has many vaccinations) and gets the flu.

He's accused of being a malingerer in 1977. He's able to work part-time as a gardiner....

It takes him several years but using his diet he appears to have mostly recovered. It's unclear if he can exercise fully and he has to watch his diet, but is able to work full time and has a very enjoyable life...
Type of Onset
gradual flu-like; series of colds
16-20 years
Functionality at it's Worst
Able to work part-time
fatigue, fainting, unable to tolerate exercise
Treatments That Made A Big Difference
Cutting out sweets are the key for Chris. He cuts out sweets after reading about hypoglycemia, and later takes up what is called a glycemic index diet. His progress is gradual. He slowly feels better. After three years on the diet is able work full time, but some issues remain. He continues to improve slowly until 12 years after coming down with ME/CFS he considers himself 99% cured
Treatments That Had No Effect
Macrobiotics, good combining, Pritickn diet, eliminating food allergies, Ayurvedic medicine
Present State of Health
  1. Story taken from web - unable to tell
Words of Advice
I still sometimes get fatigued more than I would like. I still get headaches when I push myself too hard or eat too much sugar. But I now know the reason.
Suggested Resources
Most useful aid to recovery - understanding the role that too much sugar can have in my diet and drastically cutting back my sugar consumption.

Recommended books - “I Cured Chronic Fatigue Syndrome - You Can Too” by Jeremy Carew Reid. An inspiring book with a lot of useful information that will help you get well. Based on Ayurvedic principles.

Recommended websites www.hypoglycemia-diet.com www.chronicfatigue-help.com www.newstarget.com : The inside story on Sugar – the real story on sugar and health.
My health is in my hands. It’s wonderful to look back and see how far I’ve come from those dark days twenty years ago.
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