My post-exertional malaise has completely disappeared with liver flushes! 2019-08-08

Maybe you can too?

  1. Paul James Parent
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    This is my first post to the site, although I've been sick with ME/CFS since 2012. I've now done 12 liver flushes, and my post-exertional malaise is completely gone! I used to get absolutely hellish PEM that would last for three days usually. I can't possibly overstate how horrible my PEM was. This is such a relief. I can bike again for the first time in years. I used to be unable to walk around my house a handful of extra times or I would pay dearly the next few days.

    I would say the PEM disappeared around the 9th liver flush. I'm posting this in the hopes that there are other desperate people on here willing to try this. I also have about 12-15% more energy! I have uploaded the slightly altered instructions my doctor gave me, and there are links to both a short article and a full book on the subject for those who are interested. I'm doing the Gerson Therapy, so I do a coffee enema rather than the other authors' recommendation of more intensive colonics.



    Let me know if you have any success!

    God bless,


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