Professional Footballer Recovers Health

Alaistair Lynch's Story

  1. Cort
    • Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
    Disease Course Over Time:
    Professional footballer's (soccer player) health collapse possibly precipitated by number of severe stressors including a car crash, death in family and heavy drinking
    Type of Onset:
    gradual non-flu like
    6-10 years
    Treatments That Made A Big Difference:
    Strict dietary changes (high fruit, low sugar, high water, no alcohol). Nutritional & antioxidant supplementation - - Paced exercise overseen by his doctor.
    Present State of Health:
    • Fully recovered - no restrictions at all
    Suggested Resources:
    "Taking Nothing For Granted" - Alastair's book describing what happened - available on
    [​IMG]"‘And as long as I look after myself, I’m pretty much back to normal these days.’ That means playing high-intensity full contact professional sport. I’ve been patient and I’ve worked very, very hard."

    From Wikipedia

    "A long battle with chronic fatigue syndrome threatened his career; however, after many years in absence Lynch's return to form at a relatively late age in his career was hailed by the football community, and he became part of Brisbane Lions' celebrated premiership winning formula.

    Lynch is a Tasmanian football legend, a favourite son at both Fitzroy and Brisbane clubs and holds the record for the most combined goals for the merged entity and one of the last remaining former Fitzroy players to play in the AFL."

    Check out his book - "Taking Nothing For Granted" on
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