"Retraining" Puts Linda on the Path to Recovery

"Retraining" Puts Linda on the Path to Recovery

Source of the Story
Internet story
Linda Worthington
  1. Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
  2. Fibromyalgia
  3. Migraine
Mindfulness/Pacing/Exercise Techniques That Made A Difference For You
  1. Amygdala Retraining
  2. Neuro-Limbic Training
Disease Course Over Time
Linda was "running my own small business, living with my husband and two poodles in our lovely log home, taking 5-15 mile hikes in the Maryland mountains, entertaining friends and traveling whenever and wherever I wished" Then, suddenly, under the press of stressful events
Type of Onset
gradual non-flu like
Approximate Date of Illness Began
2-5 years
Functionality at it's Worst
Mostly homebound
First fatigue, severe chemical and electromagnetic sensitivities, hives, rashes, bruises, and almost unbearable itching followed by crushing headache, terrific pressure on my chest, blurred vision, and a generalized feeling of illness, coupled with fear and anxiety.

Then depression, erratic blood sugar, inability to focus, short-term memory loss, insomnia, inability to taste accurately, weight loss, muscle pain throughout my body and an extreme, unceasing fatigue. I could barely walk, and every joint and fiber of my body ached and burned.

"My internist, an allergist, and a specialist at Johns Hopkins Hospital were baffled and unable to help me. I had tests I had never heard of and tried medications that often made me feel worse. "
Treatments That Made A Big Difference
Gupta Amygdala Retraining Program - her fatigue lessened, muscle pains decreased, other symptoms began to abate a little. After using an upgrade DVD she experienced more improvement.

Medical Qigong resulted in renewed energy, appetite and enthusiasm for life. The remnants of her depression lifted

Dynamic Neural Retraining System (www.dnrsystem.com) - which includes gentle but firm insistence on expanding one’s “comfort zone”, adding back electricity, chemicals, etc., in a mindful and intelligent way - reduced her chemical sensitivities further
Treatments That Helped
antihistamines, Turned offed as much electricity as possible, adjusted breakers, discarded all those toxic materials, only use the computer for an hour in the morning, no cell phones, no WiFi, etc.), slept in a “clean” space, totally devoid of all electricity within the room or nearby. Removed chemicals from house,
Present State of Health
  1. Almost recovered - Able to lead norrmal lifestyle
Practitioner Associated With Recovery
Ashok Gupta, Annie Hopper, Ted O'Brien
Words of Advice
Most days are not dramatic, most changes are subtle, but they add up to the picture of a woman returning to “normal”, rejoining life. I continue to use certain aspects of the Gupta program, combined with focused study of Annie’s method, with steady, gratifying and life-giving results. I owe my life to these wise and innovative people who are forging new trails through the dark maze of pain, fear and confusion that is life with extreme sensitivities.

A true saying: “Never say never”. Having experienced this rebirth, thanks to Ashok Gupta, Annie Hopper, Ted O'Brien, other specialists in alternative medicine and God's grace, I have been given a new chance at a full life.
Suggested Resources
Amygdala Retraining Program, Dynamic Neural Retraining System
Now, the patient is well on the way to full recovery and I, looking back on this suddenly imposed leap into deep water, am filled with intense gratitude and astonishment. I know now that I have regained my life. I judge my health to be 95% regained, and I am continuing to work the DNRS program, as well as aspects of the Gupta program, with a goal of no less than 100% health.

Read Linda's full story here.
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