Stinging Her Way Back to Health

Hypnosis, Florinef, bee venom therapy and B12 bring Nancy back to health

  1. Cort
    • Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
    Disease Course Over Time:
    Becomes ill in 1994
    Treatments That Made A Big Difference:
    Bee Venom Therapy is not a cure but helps her 'get her life back"; after that B12 helps her to get back to normal.
    Treatments That Helped:
    Hypnotherapy, guided meditation and visualization help with energy and calmness. Florinef takes care of brain fog, but fatigue and muscle aches remain.
    Present State of Health:
    • Fully recovered - no restrictions at all
    Suggested Resources:
    The American Apitherapy Association
    At one point Nancy relapses but bee venom therapy returns her to health.
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