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Suffered Long Enough?

FibroGeeks Favorite Book and Best Treatment Plan to Date

  1. Cort
    Dr. Rawls "Suffer Long Enough" Book lead FibroGeek to the best treatment plan she's found for fibromyalgia yet. It's multidimensional and focused heavily on diet, supplements and particularly herbs.

    [​IMG]The blurb below is from Amazon.com

    I've heard some people have done well on herbs. Anyone tried this plan or read this book? It's gets good reviews. One person said

    "I haved lived with fibromyalgia for a number of years and being a self-confessed geek, I have read quite a lot about the illness. I honestly wish Dr Rawls had written this book a long time ago. It is the most comprehensive book I have read and it is a truly great guide on working towards wellness. There is no talk of a magic cure and it's not a quick fix but it contains all the info you need to help you restore your health. The book discusses conventional and herbal medicine, diet, supplements and exercise in great depth. I like the multi-faceted approach Dr Rawls takes to healing the body. If you are to invest in one book, make it this one. It's not only useful for those newly diagnosed but also those of use who have been battling this illness for a long time."