Tools to Help Children with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (ME/CFS) Succeed

From Faith Newton and the Open Medicine Foundation (OMF)

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    Helping ME/CFS Children with School

    Back to school time brings many challenges to parents of children with ME/CFS. We know that when a child has ME/CFS their lives are very different from their siblings and friends.

    Under the leadership of Mary Dimmock, the Open Medicine Foundation's (OMF's) Education Committee has been working to create tools to help increase your child's success in school.

    Dr. Faith Newton of Delaware State University, an avid advocate for children with ME/CFS and member of our committee, has created three new exemplary tools to help parents and educators help children with ME/CFS succeed in school.

    OMF has created a Pediatric ME/CFS section with resources to help parents. The section includes three ME/CFS School Fact Sheets:

    We encourage parents to print these materials and take them into your child's school. We also encourage you to share these with friends whose children are dealing with the consequences of ME/CFS. We want all of our children to succeed.