Vitamin D's Connection to Sleep

Low Vitamin D May Interfere with Sleep

  1. Cort
    When I began researching vitamin D deficiency I came across suggestions that this could damage sleep. e. g - -possibly by exerting an influence on pain

    From Tatt: Dr Gominak believes you must have the right level and a recent study suggests supplementation helps.

    In winter in the UK and northern parts of America it's not possible to make vitamin D in the skin - making you rely on stores from the summer - and making Vitamin D deficiency particularly common in the winter. Those with ME who are bed bound or housebound are likely to be deficient even in summer. Oily fish and eggs are good sources of vitamin D but my levels were low when tested despite regularly including those foods in my diet, taking a low supplement and the test being done at the end of summer.

    Anyone with sleep problems may want a blood test. In the UK, if your GP won't do a test I recommend this one - or in winter just supplement anyway - or show this to your GP.
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