1. Cort

    Tell Ampligen Maker to Put Patients First!

    Hemispherx is raising their prices and cutting their compassionate care program - pushing many of the ME/CFS patients getting it off of Ampligen... Things seemed to be looking up for Hemispherx with its approval for ME/CFS in Argentina. The last thing I expected was for the company to lower...
  2. Vansails

    Ampligen accesibility

    Does anybody know how hard it is to get into an open trial for ampligen with dr. Lapp, dr. Peterson, dr. Cheney or dr. Bateman? I have severe me which appears to be a main Criteria, and I test positive for some viral infections like ebv. Ive heard through these forums its not easy to get, my...
  3. L


    I was looking at Ampligen, since it may be available soon. The numbers seem different as to the effectiveness. Also it has been administered with an IV, twice a week for 12-18 months... That doesn't seem realistic, also earlier numbers put the success at 30%. So what are the thoughts here on the...
  4. Cort

    Ampligen Gets Good Press on Pharma Media Site

    Equels is definitely getting out there - pressing the flesh - doing the interviews and word is spreading about Ampligen. This is an excellent article on ME/CFS. Some highlights below I like this take-off on "Don't Cry for Me Argentina" :) in BioWorld...
  5. Cort

    Ampligen Takes Big Step Forward - Becomes First Drug Approved Anywhere For Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

    Ampligen became the first drug approved for chronic fatigue syndrome (ME/CFS) anywhere in the world this week when ANMAT, the Argentine FDA, approved the drug for use in people with severe ME/CFS. Why should we get excited about Ampligen's approval in Argentina? Because Argentina has a modern...
  6. Cort

    Ampligen Does the Trick for Anita

    I personally have taken this medicine for 19 years in the FDA clinical trial of AMP-511 and can tell you beyond a shadow of a doubt and have the laboratory proof and the exercise record that this medicine works. Other patients need access to this medicine which can only happen through the...
  7. Who Me?

    Another good description from Ampligen blog

    Blog Intersting. Turkey is getting Ampligen?

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