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Ampligen Does the Trick for Anita

Immune drug returns severely ill chronic fatigue syndrome (ME/CFS) patient to health

  1. Cort
    Source of the Story:
    Provided to Health Rising
    Resource Type:
    Patient Story
    • Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
    Disease Course Over Time:
    At the age of 24 Anita becomes severely ill after an infection. Within two weeks she cannot walk . is mostly bedridden, and has to use a wheelchair to get around. Anita tries many different treatments without avail but eleven years later meets with Dr. Peterson and gets a diagnosis of ME/CFS. After Dr. Peterson finds evidence of five activated viruses he puts her on Ampligen. Ampligen removes any sign of viral activation and leaves her 90% recovered.

    She stays on Ampligen for eight years and then - all her test results stable - goes off it. She's fine for a year and then relapses for six years. When she's finally able to get back on Ampligen her health returns to 80%
    Type of Onset:
    acute flu-like
    Approximate Date of Illness Began:
    11-15 years
    Functionality at it's Worst:
    Mostly bedbound
    exhaustion, digestive problems, at her worst lost sight and hearing and could only tolerate liquid nutrition, lost nine teeth to bone infections
    Antiviral or Immune Modulators That Made a Difference for You:
    Positive Test Results:
    Activated HHV6, varicella, EBV, coxsackie, and herpes simplex viruses
    Treatments That Helped:
    Nutrition, rest, vitamins, supplements, stress reduction, getting feelings out, massage, stretching, warm packs, and prayer/meditation are helpful but are not very effective.
    Present State of Health:
    • Leads near normal life but cannot exercise vigorously
    Practitioner Associated With Recovery:
    Suggested Resources:
    SImmaron Research - http://simmaronresearch.com/
    I personally have taken this medicine for 19 years in the FDA clinical trial of AMP-511 and can tell you beyond a shadow of a doubt and have the laboratory proof and the exercise record that this medicine works. Other patients need access to this medicine which can only happen through the approval process.