1. D

    Healing Leaky Gut

    Hey Everyone, Has anybody had any luck with healing leaky gut? I suspect it’s a big issue of mine and I’ve been following a gut healing protocol for a while now and I’m seeing good results but was wondering if anybody more experienced can give me any extra advice. Currently I follow a...
  2. P

    CFS/FMS with IBS Gut triggers

    I've been on a quest to unravel my own CFS/ME and FMS. I initially relied on doctors thinking they should be able to diagnose my condition. But after seeing dozens of local, integrative, Stanford, John Hopkins, UCSF and Mayo Clinic doctors, I realized they weren't like the doctors who's papers I...
  3. Not dead yet!

    Partial success with liver health improvement - choline

    I've been meaning to talk about liver health for a while now, but I don't want to be preachy and salesman like. It's just that I have improved my condition lately and I hope it helps others. I don't see much about liver health on this forum yet. I did search for liver in the title of posts...
  4. Seanko

    Recommended Gut Biome Book (II)

    Earlier today I posted information about Giulia Enders’ book: the Gut, the inside story of our bodies most under-rated organ. A publication which goes into more detail on the gut biome & illness is the Good Gut by Justin & Erica...

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