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Earlier today I posted information about Giulia Enders’ book: the Gut, the inside story of our bodies most under-rated organ.


A publication which goes into more detail on the gut biome & illness is the Good Gut by Justin & Erica Sonnenburg. They work as researchers at Stanford University and provide a good readable account of why the guy biome is important to our digestion & health in general.

They look at how the microbiota in our stomachs can affect our immune systems & have an impact in chronic illnesses. Most of the studies have taken place in mice but there are a notable ones with a human cohort.

For people who want try to create friendly environment for the right kind of diet there are recipes & diet suggestions. In summary, they advise that you each a wide variety of fruit & vegetables to provide a range of fibre for microbiota.

However they do not suggest spending large amounts of money on probiotics, instead they recommend probiotic yoghurts or kefir (yoghurt from Eastern Europe with a variety of cultures) in addition to a plant based diet such as eaten on the Mediterranean or Japan.

It written for the general reader and contains a useful index of the studies mentioned so you can investigate in more detail if you wish.

To sum up, it is a good read & will give you an insight into reasoning of the studies into the gut biome by experts such as Mady Hornig at Columbia University.

To give you an idea, have a look at a video made by Justin Sonnenberg for a conference below.



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@Remy you will be glad to hear that the Sonnenburg's recommend one way to increase your gut bacteria that you are already familiar with.

Have a dog. :)
Ha! I have two of them and they are always licking me in the face....I'll bet I am crawling with all sorts of bacteria.

You're looking good all of a sudden Seanko!

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