1. Not dead yet!

    Fever has a useful purpose

    The body uses fever to increase the immune response and reduce cytokine production. During the Covid-19 (Sars Cov-2) worldwide emergency, Dr. John Campbell (retired ER nurse, for over 40 years) provided daily updates on the virus, and took time to also explore how fever / body temperature...
  2. LondonPots

    Younger - Neuroinflammation - brainscanning

    So, Jared Younger is pushing to develop a way to measure neuroinflammation. I'm actually astonished this doesn't exist yet! Question 1: I had to have CAT and MRI brain scans recently to find the cause of some nasal pain/facial neuralgia. They didn't find anything, probably because inflammation...
  3. Cort

    A Guide to Anti-Inflammatory Foods and Diet

    Just about everyone believes inflammation plays a part in chronic fatigue syndrome (ME/CFS) and fibromyalgia (FM). Check out two guide on how to lower inflammation through diet. From The Complete Guide to Anti-Inflammatory Foods From the Website... Find out more about anti-inflammatory...
  4. J William M Tweedie

    New Treatment - Related?

    New treatment may hold promise for progressive form of multiple sclerosis, study suggests A research team led by scientists from Brigham and Women's Hospital has revealed how an FDA-approved drug works in the central nervous system in mice to suppress chronic inflammation.
  5. Tina

    An Inflammatory Theory of Brain Disease

    This article is about brain inflammation, not ME/CFS. If you believe that brain inflammation could be the cause of ME/CFS then it might be a good read. Although the article is longish, I found it to be written in a nice, easy style. And if brain inflammation is a great unifier of many diseases...

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