millions missing

  1. Jill T

    Lead Up to and Exciting Results of Meeting with Government Officials Mar 23/17 in Ottawa Canada

    From Millions Missing Canada: Patients and Advocates Connecting With Ottawa Officials The Myalgic Encephalomyelitis Crisis in Canada will be Discussed at a meeting with officials in Ottawa on March 23rd, 2017. Please go to this link for more information...
  2. Jill T

    Video: Millions Missing Canada impromptu protest at Meet&Greet confronting Health Minister

    Millions Missing Canada advocating with Health Minister Jane Philpott at Meet & Greet in Toronto today! Well done everyone! Scott Simpson speaking with Minister Philpott at approx. 10:30
  3. Jill T

    Dr. Alison Bested shares a Message of Hope - film footage

    Shared post from Millions Missing Canada INTRODUCING NEWLY RELEASED FILM FOOTAGE and Fundraising Drive for Remaining Costs 'Message of Hope' Hear Specialist Dr. Alison Bested share her 'Message of Hope' to those of us living and suffering daily with Myalgic Encephalomyelitis as she's...
  4. Jill T

    News article about MillionsMissingCanada protest

    Shared from Millions Missing Canada. Finally - A Canadian press article outlining our fight for health care and highlighting our Toronto 'Sick-In'. Written by Brock Weir from The Auroran newspaper, our newest vocal supporter in the ME community. "Several people living with ME/CFS gathered in...
  5. Tina

    Millions Missing Huffington Post Article

    My favorite article on the Millions Missing protests was in the Huffington Post. I like how the writer attached the number of sick people in each state. Up to 99,000 in Illinois, 152,000 in New York and 211,000 in Texas up to 76,000 in Michigan, 79,000 in Georgia and 300,000 in California up to...

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