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Finally - A Canadian press article outlining our fight for health care and highlighting our Toronto 'Sick-In'. Written by Brock Weir from The Auroran newspaper, our newest vocal supporter in the ME community.

"Several people living with ME/CFS gathered in Toronto last month to make a bold statement to Federal Health Minister Jane Philpott that more – anything – needs to be done to foster the research and treatment of ME and CFS, and make it easier for those living with them to take part in exciting and evolving treatments closer to home."

“Between the harmful treatment, the near-zero research funding, and stigma from physicians which leads to a denial of treatments, Canadian ME patients truly are healthcare system victims,” contended Elizabeth Sanchez, in a statement, whose daughter Jasmine, a former dancer and university student has been bedbound for over three years."

"Ahead of their protest, participants said their main purpose was to get the attention of Minister Philpott" (Canadian Health Minister) "Members of the campaign say they have submitted more than 7,000 emails to the Minister and other MPs which have largely gone unacknowledged."

“Minister Philpott could stop some of this harm tomorrow with a simple announcement for physicians to use the internationally respected Canadian Criteria Consensus for ME,” noted Mr. Simpson. “We…are asking her to stop the harm perpetuated by the healthcare system on ME patients by creating a national strategy for ME.”
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